46% of new hires fail within first 18 months.

We solve this problem.


Plus10 is a leadership coaching and recruiting firm that improves the hiring process. Our strengths-based approach is real world tested by companies you trust.

For Hiring Managers And Entrepreneurs

Recruiting Services

The mantra “quality over quantity” is the foundation of our recruiting processes. Our comprehensive approach is designed to easily fit into your existing hiring process to ensure you find the right-fit candidate.

Consulting Services

We want teams working on results so leaders can work on teamwork and the future of the company. We’ll help you increase productivity and efficiency by ensuring your team is well-balanced with strong chemistry.


For Individuals

Professional Development Services

Avoiding burnout and managing motivation are the biggest challenges in career growth. Learn how to be tactical in setting yourself up for success whether it’s your current role or your next step.


What Clients Are Saying

Eric Velez-Chua, Boston Consulting Group

Plus10 gave me strategic and easily actionable steps that I could immediately execute on to get started. I've referred Melvin to plenty of my friends and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for strategic advice on making their next career move.

Shabab Ayub, Facebook

I’ve always considered Melvin a mentor in every regard. He has the unique ability to ask the right questions at the right time and get you to re-evaluate your own understanding of your potential and strive for more.

Matt Carty, Carty Homes, Australia

Without fail Melvin has always been available to assist and answer questions and is the type of person who continually follows through and I attribute a lot of my renewed focus, energy, and growth to the relationship we have built.


Who We Are

We are passionate about empowering professionals and teaching a strengths-based approach to  achieve high-level performance and teamwork.


How We Work


360° Philosophy

To get to where you’re going starts by uncovering your strengths. The best strategies and solutions are those customized to suit your personal journey.

Grow My Team.

Six-Month Guarantee

Your confidence in the results is secured by a six month guarantee, double the industry probation period.

Our Values.


+ What Is A Strengths-Based Approach?

Our strengths are the ways in which we naturally solve problems. They are the conative instincts that are distinct from our intelligence and personality. We help people uncover and understand these strengths to better match them to their roles and responsibilities.

+ What Is The Kolbe A Index

It’s an online assessment that measures instinctual methods of problem solving. The Kolbe A™ Index is the most reliable and valid instrument for determining job fit. And unlike most other psychological instruments, that are unreliable after a year, it doesn’t have an expiration date.

+ Tell Me More About Conative Instincts.

3 parts of the mind.

+ What's The Plus10 Process?

After a discovery call, you’ll work with Kolbe Certified Consultants to uncover your strengths and solutions to your unique needs. We have a thorough follow-up process to ensure you’re satisfied at all points of the journey.

+ What Industries Do We Specialize In?

We pride ourselves on working with all companies and industries. Our approach is holistic and our focus is to help hiring managers and entrepreneurs leverage companies to make better decisions.

+ What Packages Are Available?

After base pricing, there are packages available for each of our services. After a consultation and better understanding of your needs, we’ll work to create a solution personalized to your business needs.