Shawn Wu

Bain & Co.

One person I cannot forget to thank on my career journey is Melvin. The best mentor I can ever ask for, Melvin not only helped me open my eyes to the career of consulting and land my current job at Bain & Company, he also coached me to be a better leader overall. Throughout the years, I’ve seen Melvin’s impact on many others as well. In the MCAP program that he founded, Melvin coaches generations of UofT students in a systematic way to succeed in their careers. When everyone is smart and hard working today, I am lucky to have had Melvin’s guide to work smart on the right things.



Paige Taylor

Strategic Coach

Melvin was a pleasure to work with.  He was always readily available by phone or email to answer my questions and to make sure I felt prepared and confident before my interviews. He is extremely approachable and always goes the extra mile. Overall Melvin is very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for new opportunities!



Chris Lee

Accenture, Management Consulting

Melvin has been a phenomenal career coach, mentor, and friend of mine since 2 years ago. Not only is Melvin extremely helpful and insightful with his mentorship, but what really made him unique was his pragmatism. He would help me dive deep into a problem, and identify the root causes of it and provide a holistic remedy, instead of a quick bandage for short term fixation. Instead of telling you what to do, he would listen, and tell you what NOT to do. These are the characteristics of a mentor, coach, and friend that would truly help an individual develop into a better person. I owe my career success thus far to simply being a kind, genuine person that Melvin has helped me become.



Shabab Ayub


I’ve always considered Melvin a mentor in every regard. He has the unique ability to ask the right questions at the right time and get you to re-evaluate your own understanding of your potential and strive for more. He doesn’t shy away from challenges and puts his full enthusiasm into everything he does, whether its excelling in his field of work, coaching a dragon-boat team, or allocating time to meet up with people. Most importantly, he’s taught me how to effectively add more to my plate and push the boundaries of what I believe I have time to accomplish. As an individual, he’s personable, reliable and above all, friendly!



Margaret Lau

Irving Consumer Products

Melvin is a reliable and experienced professional, who I would highly recommend. I have known him for 4+ years and his positive energy and drive for results is what makes him an invaluable connection to have. Melvin has coached me through a career transition where his expertise and negotiation advice had helped me achieve a +30% increase in my salary.



Eric Velez-Chua

Boston Consulting Group

Melvin genuinely cared about me achieving my career goals and took a blunt, no-nonsense approach to optimizing my career plan for the goal that I wanted. I landed a full-time position at a top management consulting firm despite coming from a highly theoretical/technical undergraduate program that I struggled with academically. I spent my whole undergraduate trying to get a job at any consulting firm, but nobody interviewed me due to my irrelevant school experience and low grades. Melvin opened my eyes to creative and strategic tactics on how to land the job I wanted despite my circumstances. He helped me revamp my resume, interview skills and networking approach in one hour. A month after that session, I landed multiple consulting internship offers at smaller firms and Melvin even helped me decide on which internship to accept based on my overall goal of landing at a top firm for when I graduated. Melvin gave me strategic and easily actionable steps that I could immediately execute on to get started. I've referred Melvin to plenty of my friends and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for strategic advice on making their next career move.



Brandon Tran

Scotiabank, Investment Banking

Melvin has been a pivotal mentor to me throughout my time as a student. I was first introduced to Melvin when he volunteered to be a guest speaker for my high school’s mentorship program. There, he challenged me to do more and offered his support along the way. His passion for helping people and seeing their growth is unparalleled. While balancing his full-time job, he would take the lead as an advisor for Junior Achievement companies, in order to mentor high school students that were looking to create their own businesses.

As I entered university, he encouraged me to stay in-contact and update him on how I was progressing. He has the ability to ask questions that allowed a person to assess their progress and remain focused on their goals. He is a great mentor who reminds me to stay motivated and to reflect on how much I’ve been able to grow. I am very fortunate and thankful to have had him as a mentor and highly recommend speaking with him.



Chris Tom

Riot Games

I first met Melvin 8 years ago when I was just starting my search for a career. Objectively, Melvin gave me a crash course in the 101s and 201s of job hunting, but in reality, Melvin was instrumental in helping me hone in on my individual worth and capabilities. Through Melvin, I first learned to network, to seek out mentorships, to craft intelligent resumes, and to navigate job applications with confidence and finesse. Because of the tenacity he taught me, I was able to land my first series of interviews at my dream company, Penguin Books (now Penguin Random House), despite being a fresh graduate competing with 10-year veterans. The job hunting industry has changed dramatically since those days, but I trust Melvin to stay abreast of it all, and I'll always appreciate those first lessons that got me started.