Recruiting & Consulting

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Our goal is to change the culture of teamwork. We believe growth and sustainability starts with clarity on the strengths of each team member—including you. We focus on identifying where your time and energy is best spent so you can be freed up to do your most productive work.

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Plus10 Recruiting Process

+ Initial Discovery

A deep dive into your organization, to understand where current strengths and weaknesses lie, as well as aspirations of where you envision the future of your company.


Growth Roadmap: Define what your growth goals look like over the next three years. Along with the dangers, opportunities, and strengths that stand in the way of achieving those goals.

Strengths Report: A one-on-one assessment of a hiring manager’s strengths, with tips on how to most effectively make use of them.

+ Right-Fit Blueprint

Create a comprehensive plan of what you’re looking for, including right-fit job descriptions, success measures, and interpreting the chemistry of your team.


Range Of Success Report: Identify the ideal profile for a specific role, to assist with screening candidates based on their natural abilities required for success.

Superior Job Description: Revised job descriptions that use wording and language to attract the candidates you’re looking for.

+ Fieldwork

Be part of in-depth marketplace research strategies, such as evaluating potential candidates and discovering whether they’re the right-fit for your unique needs.


Top Candidate Profiles: Grades top candidates based on their strengths profile to assess success rates for the role.

+ Assessment Solutions

Once the top candidates are selected, we will guide you with best practices from structured interviews to contract negotiations. We assure total alignment as you take steps towards an upgraded team.


Interview Report Card: Available when using processes to screen candidates; the report card scores a person through their work experience and degree of motivation.

+ Onboarding+

Ensure new team members are meeting expectations and contributing to your success using our consulting services. Extended support is available after probation periods so we can continue to service in building your team.


New Hire Checkpoint: Assessment of the new hire’s adjustment and perceived demands in their role.

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Team Plus Consulting 

+ Individual Strengths Assessment

Helping each team member understand their conative strengths with one-on-one coaching and giving them the tools to leverage their strengths for the team and organization.


Individual Strengths Report: A deep dive into each individual’s strengths with a one-on-one interpretation to understand how to leverage their skills in the workplace.

+ Efficiency Assessment

Continue to analyze the motivation and collaboration levels of your team by consistently addressing stress, strain, and tension—to maximize performance.


Executive Summary Report: Overview of the team’s strength with recommendations to improve teamwork.

Strengths Scorecard: A team snapshot of every individuals’ strengths along with current levels of conative stress.

+ Growth Assessment

Ensure that at any given point you’re building a team to last. Avoid common difficulties and growth pains such as: conative cloning, action polarization, and strengths gaps.


Strengths Matrix: Visualization of the overall team strengths with advisory on how to create a more balanced, growth-oriented team

+ Team Building Workshop

Half day onsite program to work with the team to help them understand their strengths, including exercises to show how individual’s striving instincts show up


Client Stories 

Matt Carty, Owner, Carty Homes

Melvin took the time to understand my needs by listening carefully and providing clarity that gave me the confidence to undertake the coaching required to grow to the next level in business and personally.

Without fail Melvin has always been available to assist and answer questions and is the type of person who continually follows through and I attribute a lot of my renewed focus, energy, and growth to the relationship we have built.

Kevin Finn, EVP Sales, Digital Color Concepts

Melvin is the consummate professional. Melvin took the time to get an understanding of our business and was patient and persistent through the process. Melvin is a trustworthy person and I would highly recommend him.