Professional Development

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We value providing professionals with a pragmatic approach to understanding their strengths so they can pursue their most fulfilling career path. It’s the key to avoiding feelings of burn-out or stagnation because when you’re clear and aligned on the future you—you’re able to put your best foot forward in the marketplace.



+ Strengths Assessment

Discover your strengths and striving instincts using the Kolbe A™ Index tool. This assessment is invaluable in getting in touch with how you most naturally operate. Get a step ahead with Plus10 personal consultations.

+ Personal Branding

Assess all professional and social profiles to ensure you’ve established a personal brand that’s attracting the right audience - and reach opportunities that are best aligned with your interests and strengths.

+ Interview Training and Support

Take the anxiety of the hiring process, and gain the confidence you need to boost your candidacy—regardless of the opportunity.

+ Career Seeker

Take your accountability and candidacy to the next level, using services to ensure you’re taking the right steps in landing the job you want.

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What Successful Placements Are Saying

Shawn Wu, Bain & Co.

One person I cannot forget to thank on my career journey is Melvin at Plus10. The best mentor I can ever ask for, Melvin not only helped me open my eyes to the career of consulting and land my current job, he also coached me to be a better leader overall.

Chris Lee, Accenture, Management Consulting

Not only is Plus10 extremely helpful and insightful with their mentorship, but what really made them unique was their pragmatism. They would help me dive deep into a problem, and identify the root causes of it and provide a holistic remedy, instead of a quick bandage for short term fixation.

Margaret Lau, TikTok

Plus10 has coached me through a career transition where their expertise and negotiation advice had helped me achieve a +30% increase in my salary.