Strengths-Based Approach

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We believe high-level teamwork starts with strengths-based management, something that’s overlooked in most businesses and industries.

As Kolbe Certified™ consultants, our goal is to bring this knowledge and awareness to you and your team improving performance across all departments. The better you know yourself and how you strive, the more freedom you have to excel.

What Is Kolbe?


Based on over 35 years of research, Kolbe assessments measure a part of the mind that’s often overlooked: the conative. The conative part of our mind directly corresponds to our natural instincts, and how we go about the “doing” in our lives.

Understanding how you naturally take action opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. It allows for a more strategic and tactful approach to your day-to-day and career development.

Organizations that use Kolbe include: Accenture, American Express, Autodesk, Bell Canada, Chase Bank, City of Los Angeles, The Hersey Company, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Loblaws, Microsoft, NASA, Northwestern Mutual, Oracle, PwC, RBC, Torstar Corporation, Stanford University, Strategic Coach, UBS, Verizon Wireless, Volkswagen


For Employers

There’s no better tool than Kolbe when it comes to understanding how a person’s instincts, intelligence, and personality come together as a whole. It’s key to maintaining a stress-free work environment as it provides a baseline for almost any obstacle.

Identify the talent you have on board and the instinctive strengths they bring to the table so you can hire and lead more effectively.

For Individuals

Unleash the power of your natural instincts through personal Kolbe coaching and consultations. It’s the answer to improving personal productivity, enriching relationships, and launching your most fulfilling career.

Learn about your striving strengths today.