About Plus10

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Plus10 is a recruiting and consulting firm based in downtown Toronto, Canada, working with leading entrepreneurs and changemakers. We empower professionals in identifying and focusing on their strengths, achieving greater teamwork and contribution.

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Our Vision

To build a world where organizational leaders celebrate diversity and individualism. We want to empower people to focus on their strengths, leading to greater teamwork and contribution.

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Our Mission

To help individuals find belonging and joy in their work. We help leaders understand their organizational needs and what a right-fit team member looks like for their company.


Our Four Pillars

Strength-Centred Development

Defining your strengths and weaknesses increases your ability to collaborate. Highlighting and building around these abilities is how you get your greatest results.

Progress-Focused Growth

Overcoming inertia is critical to growth and success. Our greatest achievements are what we do when we’re facing our biggest obstacles.

Trust-Based Collaboration

Working together is a two-way investment. This is why we believe in developing leaders and their teams, so your organization is experiencing growth on all fronts.

Lifelong Partnership

We want to see you successful today, tomorrow, and forever. If we agree on the first three pillars, then a lifelong partnership will blossom.